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Dark Femme Bible (Bestseller)

Dark Femme Bible (Bestseller)

Do you want the ability to make any man obsess over you, crave your attention and worship the ground you walk on?

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Through the exclusive techniques in this book you will turn your cold ex into a lover who follows you everywhere, the classic narcissist into a prince charming and the guy you always thought was 'out of your league' into the one who never stops texting you.

The femme fatale can seduce anyone in any situation.
We all have hidden seductive qualities and this ebook will finally make them work. Realise all the desires you want, YOU DESERVE IT. Forget the old you and start looking at the world differently now, through the eyes of a femme fatale.


  • How to become a femme fatale
  • How to connect to your dark feminine energy
  • How to seduce anyone and make them obsessed with you
  • How to have sex appeal
  • Flirtation and subtle seduction
  • How to do shadow work
  • How to heal from a breakup and get back with an ex
  • Types of men and why you are attracting them
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